There's no such thing as a happy dog when he's wearing the "Cone of Shame."

Happy Pets and Owners

I just wanted to share the picture with you guys of my dog(shown above). I put it on her and she loves it. I really think this is a great idea. This is way better than her having the Cone Of Shame. She didn't feel stressed out at all with this garment. I know she knew what it was for because when I first put it on her she tried biting on her hands like she usually does... :) but then she knew she couldn't. Thank You so much for your gift!


A Happy dog a Happy owner. - Maritza



In all my years in Veterinarian Medicine, I have never found a better alternative to the E cone than POP for pets protective T-shirt. I use it on all of my spay procedures and it's the BEST for persistent licking and skin irritations. I love it!!


Dr. Layne Fournier, DVM - Animal and Bird Hospital of Del Mar



Our 5 year old Jack Russell, Anni, developed a granuloma about 6 months ago after getting into a patch of burrs.  She was relentless about licking her right arm and it would not heal.  We tried the head-cone, but given her compulsive nature, she wouldn’t leave it alone & within a couple minutes, she could tear the wound open again and again.  100% of her time in a head-cone was near impossible.  A Jack Russell has too much energy to be contained by the neck 24/7.  We then met Robyn, owner of Pop For Pets.  She is a Godsend.  Robyn was brilliant enough to create a soft t-shirt for pets healing from wounds.  This seemed ideal for Anni.  We tried the shirt and slowly was able to give her time out of the cone without damage to her arm.  Eventually, she stopped licking the original wound and its healed nicely.


Lori Appleton



As a Veterinarian, without putting to much stress on the dog, the POP Shirt provides a comfortable way to protect post operative incisions. It is a great alternative to the clumpy cone collar and looks adorable too!


Dr. Justie Reimann, DVM - Academy Animal Hospital - Solano Beach, CA



Using the Pop for Pets garment for my dog during the recovery of her spay was awesome! Great fit, comfortable for her, and so convenient to use. The best part was not having to see her struggle and deal with the old cone that we used to have to use in days past. Two thumbs up!!!


Kathy Richelieu

Steps to dressing your pet


  1. Pull your dogs from paws through the sleeves - similar to putting on stockings.
  2. Pull the garment together over the dogs back.
  3. Use the VelcroTM strips on the top of the garment to secure the sides together.
  4. Slip the dogs hind legs through the bands provided.
  5. You are done!

Special Consideration for Male Dogs


It is possible that slight modification be made for some male dogs due to the position and;or size of their genitalia.  In the event your male dog cannot urinate effectively due to the coverage of the garment, making a small incision in the garment (as indicated in the picture above) will provide a perfect outlet for your pet.  Be sure NOT to cut the seam - only an appropriate size incision as indicated.  Doing this properly will not affect the integrity of the garment and will provide a comfortable outlet for your pet.

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