There's no such thing as a happy dog when he's wearing the "Cone of Shame."

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Check here first - our most frequently asked questions and answers are here.

  • Are POP Shirts Reusable?

    Absolutely! You can wash and reuse the POP Shirt over and over.  If your pet requires constant coverage due to an injury, skin irritation or medical care - we recommend that you have 2 POP Shirts available - 1 to wear while the other gets washed and dried.  Either way, the POP Shirt can be used multiple times - like any other quality garment.

  • I'm not exactly sure of the size I should get... any ideas?

    We suggest starting with the smaller size that you are considering.  The POP Shirt has quite a bit of adjustment in the velcro straps and ties... it's better if the shirt is a bit snug instead of loose.  Your pet will appreciate the snugness much like a "hug"... it will be comforting to him and comfortable to wear.  If the smaller size absolutely does not fit - you have Amazon's convenient return/replacement policy to easily make a change.

  • Does the POP Shirt work for neuter post op?

    While the POP Shirt is 100% effective for spay procedure post op it does not always perform equally well for neuter procedures.  There are some ailments, such as ear and eye protection that no "shirt" can protect - this is equally true for the neuter procedure on most dogs.

  • What, other than post operative protection, does the POP Shirt do?

    If your dog suffers from nervous anxiety, the POP Shirt will help calm and ease him.  Loud noises, storms, crowds and other things can have a frightening effect on some dogs.  The POP Shirt hugs your dog with a gentle, constant pressure providing them a sense of security and protection.  The POP Shirt is a safe and effective solution for your pets nervous disorder.

  • How long can my dog wear a POP Shirt?

    There are no negative effects from extended use of the POP Shirt.  As long as your pet needs post operative protection (normally protected by a dreaded cone) he can safely wear a POP Shirt.

  • Can my dog overheat wearing a POP Shirt?

    The POP Shirt is made from thin breathable fabric which allows for a "breathable" fit.  As a dog cools itself with its mouth and paws, which the POP Shirt doesn't cover or block, the POP Shirt will not contribute to overheating.  As with all extreme conditions with heat exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit your dog should have adequate circulation and water available as well as not be left unattended.

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